I grew up with
inspiration and positivity
in my family home.

My father was big on giving his wisdom backed with great quotes. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”, written by Friedrich Nietzsche, was probably the most popular and honestly, the most memorable. This and many other quotes lifted me in some challenging times in my life. Simple things like the word “can’t” was not permitted in our house. And since that word didn’t exist in my vocabulary, I knew anything was possible in life.

Positive quotes really became integral in my life, so one day I decided to take this “positivity” that helped me so much in the past (and present) and infuse them into everyday items that we all wear and use to empower others. I had imagined something visually simple and beautiful in design, but deep and thought-provoking in content. The intention being to make a difference in the world and have an impact on how positivity is shared, experienced and lived by everyone…because I believe we are all capable of anything!

The name of our company was partially derived from this childhood inspiration, but more importantly, the nickname my father gave me in my mid 20’s.

The name REVO NICHE is homage to my father.

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